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PLAYLIST UP: Melody, Melancholia & Masochism

Our playlist Melody, Melancholia & Masochism Brooding in the shadows. Moody blues, because sometimes it feels so good when it hurts so bad. Wallow in your woes for this hour and 57 minutes ride. This collection is heavy on heartache, and sounds so sweet. We don’t advise you to listen if you are a currently depressed, or in a negative headspace. This is ideal, for those that enjoy bitter with their sweet. A high light of this selection is a searing soul cry from Johnny Johnson & His Bandwagon from 1970, “Love Is Blue (L’Amour Est Bleu)”. The theme is presented across musical genres – including New Wave pop, soul, electronic, jazz and alternative rock. Listen to Melody, Melancholia & Masochism on Spotify now.

In the tradition of mixtape we have created a series of themed playlists on Spotify. We steer purposely clear of the usual contemporary mainstream hits, and dig into the strange, obscure and modern classic vibes. These Soundtracks of sex and other shenanigans will be dropped bi-monthly. Play loud and often. Share with those on the same wave.

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