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1st Sundays @ London Alternative Market

If you are about alternative lifestyles, and are leisurely strolling through London-town over the weekend, consider dropping into LAM. The London Alternative Market & After Party is London’s first community-supported inclusive event. Held the first Sunday of every month, it is a safe space for likeminded kinksters to explore their interests, from Adult Baby Diaper Lovers to Zebra suited furries – as long as they are over 18. There is no strict dress code enforced at the door. Tees and jeans are as welcomed as latex, leather, and lace. Cameras, including cell phone cameras, however are not invited. £5 gets you entry into the market. The festivities include tables of sex-positive and kink-positive vendors, workshops and the opportunity to mingle in a welcoming atmosphere. The Afterparty is £10 or just £5 with LAM Entry. Held in a licensed venue the vibe is a mix of causal play and socializing. Dungeon Rules and Party Protocol DO apply. Equally for the curious and the adventurous the London Alternative Market & After Party is a freaky fun way to spend a Sunday. Get more info online at

London Alternative Market & After Party
140 Leadenhall Street
London, United Kingdom
EC3v 4QT

Tower Hill Tube Station

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