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Kinktionary Enamel Pins Delivery I F/W 2017

There are 8 million plus stories in New York City. If you call any of the 5 boros home, you are simultaneously a supporting cast member, background extra, and the lead. The combination of natives, transplants, and tourists or all cultures is less like a melting pot and more like a batch of party mix. Singular pronounced flavors in close proximity. This  dynamic helped inform the creative direction of The Kintionary Project. Diversity is the spice of life, more so when it comes to sex.

Sam is a self-described “dog walker by day – party goblin by night”, born and raised in the Boogie Down Bronx native. Sam is wearing both our Kinky Heart Eyes enamel pin and Shades enamel pin which are part of our first delivery. The pins and patches are fun-sized extensions of the Kinktionary Project artwork. Both are available now online at

Live your truth boldy. Express, explore, play, repeat.

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