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Playlist Up: Deepest Shade of Dark

Our playlist Deepest Shade of Dark is mood music for depraved sex sessions and/or intense bdsm play. Clocking in at just over 2 hrs, this long play runs from 80’s alternative rock, contemporary¬†classical and trip hop. Composers Phillip Glass and Hans Zimmer set the tone with brooding epic pieces of music. Travis Scott’s Never Catch me, courtesy of Mike Dean is churning, bass and synth heavy trip. Metallica’s stuns with their classic instrumental Orion. Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead is a dark embrace. Listen to¬†Deepest Shade of Dark on Spotify now.

In the tradition of mixtape we have created a series of themed playlists on Spotify. We steer purposely clear of the usual contemporary main stream hits, and dig into the strange, obscure and modern classic vibes. These Soundtracks of sex and other shenanigans will be dropped bi-monthly. Play loud and often. Share with those on the same wave.

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