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Welcome To The Party

This project was background noise for over a decade. fragments of incomplete sketches, seemingly unrelated l thoughts fading in and of memory. Stumbling across a box of vintage patches and a book on the art of road signs at a flea market was a turning point. The aesthetic was locked in.

At its core the Kinktionary project is about identity and identifiers, visibility and recognition. Much of what was considered private, privilege, and personal is purposely shared. Welcome to the new normal. As our collective closets are cleaned out there’s an opportunity to connect.

Sex is a crucial element of the human condition. The sensation is simultaneously physical, mental, and emotional. Whether for procreation or purely for pleasure, it is a universal experience. It’s manifestations are many, it’s conditions – countless.  While we may not share the same practices and preferences of neighbors, friends and strangers, this is an undeniable part of our existence. Welcome to the party.

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