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Playlist Up: Assume The Position

In the tradition of mixtape we have created a series of themed playlists on Spotify. We steer purposely clear of the usual contemporary main stream hits, and dig into the strange, obscure and modern classic vibes. These Soundtracks of sex and other shenanigans will be dropped bi-monthly. Play loud and often. Share with those on the same wave.

Assume The Position is the build-up before the turn up. This selection of songs is seductive, subtly smutty and playful. Built for long sessions, this genre gangbangs includes the sounds of pop, electronic, classic rock, dub and jazz. Some selections from this playlist:  Our Empress the avante-garde Grace Jones in her haunting 1981 track I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)  J.J Cale’s Slower Baby is a must for make out and our smoke sessions.  At The Edge of the Universe by Hua-lampong Riddim stole our hearts when it appeared in “Last Life in the Universe”  1 hour and 51 minutes on Spotify

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